Abundance: Tunnel Spider Side Chair

Tunnel Spider Side Chair, Cut Paper by Gail Cunningham

Cut Paper
30" x 56"





I was struck by the natural environment in Ireland, coming from a city in the states. My work has focused on structured spaces-buildings & interiors, how we arrange them, and how that affects us socially. In this body of work I have begun to work on a larger scale, this allows me to use furniture in a new way. Giving more information to the object as opposed to where the object is placed. There is still a reference to placement, in that the shape, scale and perspective of each piece is the same, making them a set. A group. This creates the assumption they would be placed together, though how is left to the viewer to decide. Each of these chairs is representative of an experience or expression of abundance in their own way. 


Tunnel Spider Side Chair


Looking for insects around the farm I found the webs of tunnel spiders in every little chink of the walls of the house. They went unnoticed at first, but once I found them, they appeared everywhere I looked. The spiders themselves did not. Aided by another one of the residents, we were able to coax one out to photograph. 


This body of work was made during an Artist Residency in Ireland and shown at the Wexford Art Center in Wexford Ireland, and at Monster Truck Gallery in Dublin Ireland in 2011.